Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday!

Leading up to Easter Sunday, our pastor, Ronnie, really challenged our church to invite, invite, invite friends, family, co-workers and total strangers to our Easter Service because Easter (like Christmas) is one of those days where people who don't normally go to church, often attend. Yesterday, at our Easter Service we had an abundance of visitors. The church was packed. Ronnie preached a powerful message geared mainly towards those who may not know the Lord. He talked about faith and doubt and encouraged people with doubts to "poke around" the idea of Jesus, much like Thomas physically poked around the wounded body of Christ after His resurrection. He also shared about how God loves us based NOT on what we say or do or believe, but that He loves us because He loves us. It was a moving message and at the end, before we took communion, Ronnie gave an invitation to accept Jesus Christ. 8 people accepted Jesus for the first time! Praise God! It was a wonderful celebratory morning and the presence of God was felt in a undeniable way.

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Rusty Schluchter said...

Awesome news JRS! Sounds like the Lord's message was received well through Ronnie's sermon. Enjoy helping these new Christian bros and sis's to learn about their relationship with Christ!