Monday, February 4, 2013


I never took baby bump pics when I was pregnant with the boys. I don't regret it either. Pregnancy is definitely not the most glamorous for me. :)

However, this time around, I am far away from family and I want them to be able to follow my pregnancy with baby boy #3.  

So, here we go. I'm putting myself out there.

18.5 weeks, 21 weeks, 23 weeks (today)

There is definitely a baby in there! 

I'm feeling pretty good these days.  Besides some lower back and hip pain, I really can't complain.  At 23 weeks this little guy most likely weighs about 1lb and is the size of a small doll.  :)

We still haven't picked a name.  Choosing a 3rd boy name is proving to be difficult! AND It's tough finding a name that goes with our last name. Hopefully he will be named before he arrives.

We have yet to start on the nursery.  I recently bought bottles, and the crib, dresser/changing table, and rocker are in his room and that's about it.  My 0-3 month boy clothes are some how lost (how this happened... i have no idea?!?) so there are lots of things to buy and prepare.  

We will be heading to Birmingham towards the end of February for my beautiful sweet cousin, Ivy's, wedding. My goal is to start getting things ready for this little guy once we return to Omaha.  I'll be 27 weeks along at that point.
(rabbit trail.... In every wedding that I have been in, I have either been pregnant or have just had a baby.  NOT good for photos I tell you. Someone, please! Ask me to be in your wedding when that is not the case!)

Well, I know this is not a very exciting post, but i'm sure my family and close friends appreciate it.  I need to update you all on my big boys soon!


ka said...

You look great!!! Love those boots too ;). xoxo, kat

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